Connecting millions to government services safely and securely

How to make millions of people use multi-factor authentication for the first time.

Background is an identity provider for government agencies looking to provide their users with a safe and secure way to log in to their applications. With one account, users can sign in to multiple government agencies. also offers identity proofing (making sure you are who you say you are) and a myriad of multi-factor authentication options.

During my time on login I’ve worked on identity proofing challenges, standing up a design system to support our applications, and creating a more robust ecosystem of multi-factor authentication options.


login application sign in example

login application mobile sign in

Login application wayfinding example

Project Resources


Main Site – The main site contains all of our marketing materials, links to documentation, help center content, and privacy statements.

Identity Platform – Typically you’d be redirected here from a service provider utilizing the services, though you can sign up for an account without a referral if you want to.

Design System – The design system supports a number of internal applications and documentation sites.

Open Source Repos Identity Provider Design System